COVID-19: New Omicron Variant Symptom Emerges, Physicians Say – White Plains Daily Voice

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A brand-new sign of the highly transmissible COVID-19 Omicron version has emerged in addition to 5 others formerly reported.A ZOE research study performed in the United Kingdom examined countless COVID symptoms submitted to an app by the British public revealed that Omicron might feel like the conventional cold in numerous methods.
The top five symptoms tape-recorded in the Zoe app were: Runny nose, Headache, Fatigue (both severe or moderate), Sneezing, Sore throat.Now, details is emerging from physicians on a new symptom of the Omicron strain.A United Kingdom National Health Service physician, Dr. Amir Khan, stated that amongst patients hes treated, night sweats have become a common Omicron sign, according to a report in The Sun.”Those kind of drenching night sweats where you might have to get up and alter your clothes,” Khan stated in an interview with ITV.Khan added that its essential we continue “top of these symptoms,” so those who have them are evaluated for COVID-19.
Preliminary lab research studies have actually shown that Omicron might not attack the lungs like other variants.Omicron “replicates, multiples effectively in the upper respiratory tract (above the neck), but less well in the lung,” Top Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. William Schaffner of Vanderbilt University Medical Center informed NBC News.