Coronavirus: COVID survivor returns to hospital to apologize for being unvaccinated – KTRK-TV

SEATTLE, Washington– After investing 28 days defending his life against COVID-19, an unvaccinated male went back to the healthcare facility he was dealt with at to say sorry to caregivers for not getting the vaccine.Richard Soliz stated he was skeptical and pointed to social media for being the reason he did not get a vaccine. He stated he checked out the negative effects, claims of microchipping and questions about government approval.Soliz said he didnt know anybody who had been ill with the infection, until he couldnt breathe.” Thats when I truly understood I was in a bad situation, thats when I understood, Hey, this is COVID. Male. I contracted the infection,” Soliz told KOMO.For days, Soliz hung by a thread while he was on a ventilator. He is now out of the healthcare facility and still recuperating, but stated he regrets not deciding to get the vaccine.After recovering, Soliz returned to the healthcare facility he was dealt with at to say sorry to the staff and shed some light on the scenario.” I just desired to state thank you a lot,” he stated to a nurse. “Please go get vaccinated, because this infection is real. Real adequate to take somebodys life, put you in the ICU.”
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