How to Temporarily Pause Your Instagram Without Deleting It (and Why You Should)

If you cant remember your life before Instagram, its worth taking a break if just to remember if you like that version of your life better.How to momentarily pause your Instagram accountDisabling your account indicates that your photos, comments, likes, and profile will be hidden till you log back in to reactivate it. To momentarily disable your account, log into your account on, click your profile in the upper-right corner, and select Profile > > Edit Profile.Image: Shannon FlynnScroll down and select Temporarily Disable My Account in the lower-right corner, and select a factor for disabling your account from the dropdown menu.Image: Shannon FlynnReenter your password, then click Temporarily Disable Account.Once youve completed those actions, youre all set. Your account will no longer be available, and you can log back in to reactivate your account after your break.You do not require to justify taking a break from social media, and Instagram is no exception.