San Diego County to follow new CDC guidance in recommending wearing masks indoors –

SAN DIEGO– San Diego County authorities revealed Tuesday the county will follow the most current CDC guidance in recommending the wearing of masks inside by both immunized and unvaccinated people.

The news comes after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reversed course Tuesday and advised mask-wearing inside your home for everybody, regardless of vaccination status, in areas experiencing “high” or “substantial” COVID-19 transmission. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky announced the change, saying the Delta variant “acts uniquely different from past pressures of the virus that trigger COVID-19.”

San Diego County is among those counties in the U.S. currently noted by the CDC as having “high” transmission rates.

San Diego County among high-transmission areas where new CDC guidance suggests masks inside your home

After the CDCs announcement previously this afternoon, Supervisor Nora Vargas said the health department remained in the process of determining what the next steps were for San Diego.

Vargas insisted that she thinks its essential to advise everybody that “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” so getting those individuals vaccinated is really important.

Mask-wearing has actually stayed a requirement inside throughout California for unvaccinated individuals. Enforcement of the requirement was based mostly on the honor system, making it uncertain if unvaccinated residents were abiding by the rule.

The California Department of Public Health informs FOX 5 it is doing a full evaluation of the newest CDC standards to determine the next actions for Californians. But the local mask choice advocacy group Let Them Breathe states the science does not support masking kids, which theyll continue to battle for mask choice in schools.

The county said new research study reveals the Delta variation is most likely to trigger a spike in COVID-19 cases amongst immunized individuals, though primarily targeting unvaccinated. Vargas is advising homeowners to get the shot to stop the surge.” We can have all the conversations we want about people using their masks, you know, following the CDC guidelines, but the fact is we need individuals to get immunized who are not vaccinated,” she stated.

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” A great deal of parents got their children vaccinated for the function of taking off their mask and now that has been taken away we type of see that the goal posts are going to continue to be moved” said Nicole Rieck of Let Them Breathe.

Earlier this month, Los Angeles County implemented a mask-wearing mandate in indoor public settings for everyone, pointing out increasing cases attributed to spread out of the extremely infectious Delta variation of COVID-19. If other local counties will impose similar mandates now that the CDC is recommending indoor mask-wearing for all, it was not immediately clear.

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The county said new research study reveals the Delta variant is likely to trigger a spike in COVID-19 cases amongst vaccinated people, though primarily targeting unvaccinated. Vargas is prompting citizens to get the shot to stop the surge.” We can have all the discussions we desire about individuals using their masks, you understand, following the CDC standards, but the reality is we require individuals to get vaccinated who are not immunized,” she stated.