Michigan reports uptick in Legionnaires disease – Fox News

Michigan health officials are investigating a current uptick in cases of Legionnaires disease, or an extreme kind of pneumonia.The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services kept in mind 107 cases reported across 25 counties in between July 1 and July 14, translating to a 569% surge over the same duration in 2020 and a 161% boost over the very same period in 2019. JOHNSON & & JOHNSON VACCINE LESS EFFECTIVE AGAINST DELTA VARIANT: STUDYPeople contract Legionnaires disease when breathing in Legionella germs, and while many healthy individuals do not become infected after direct exposure, specific populations are at higher risk for illness like older grownups, cigarette smokers and immunocompromised people, health officials stated. The health problem is not spread person-to-person. Legionella pneumophila, a germs, is normally the cause of the disease, according to Mayo Clinic. It can be found in soil and water, but more commonly causes infection when it multiplies in water systems such as jacuzzis and air conditioners.”Recent weather trends consisting of rain, flooding and warmer weather condition may be playing a role in the increase of reported legionellosis cases this summer,” Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, MDHHS primary medical executive and chief deputy director for health, stated in a news release published Monday. “We desire everyone to be knowledgeable about Legionnaires illness, particularly if they might be at higher risk for illness and we ask that doctor stay watchful, and test and treat properly.”United States LIFE EXPECTANCY IN 2020 SAW BIGGEST DROP SINCE WWIIWayne County had the most verified cases at 19, followed by Oakland County (17 ), City of Detroit (17) and Macomb County (15 ), according to the release.Warm, standing water motivates bacterial growth in water systems, and while legionellosis cases take place more frequently in the summer and early fall, the increase in cases was higher than expected this season, authorities stated, while likewise keeping in mind the reopening of structures may likewise contribute to the increase in cases. Since previously this week, no common sources of infection had been identified.Madeline Farber contributed to this report.