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” This has to do with personal choice and were urging our neighborhood to select to protect one another,” states Dunagan. “Maybe you will not personally get ill, and perhaps your children will not either, however you can still send the illness to others and continue the spread.”

” The most safe thing for our community and the most reliable method to return on track is to wear masks– and get immunized!” he said.

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Medical experts say a minimum of 70% to 80% of individuals require immunity to decrease spread within the basic population. The most safe method to be vaccinated is through vaccination.

Dunagan admits asking individuals who are vaccinated to mask up again seems unreasonable, considering the CDC has actually previously said vaccinated individuals can remove their masks. Unfortunately, Missouris low vaccination rate and the rapidly spreading Delta alternative imply the neighborhood should adapt.

” The vaccine is available, however unfortunately the vaccination rate in our community has actually not been high enough to avoid spread of the Delta version. We now need to go back to masking to fight this brand-new wave of infections.”

Dunagan said we have two methods to eliminate the spread of COVID: vaccinations and using a face mask.

And while being immunized offers security against COVID-19 signs and hospitalization, it isnt a remedy. A vaccinated person can still capture the infection and accidentally pass COVID onto others.

ST. LOUIS– With Missouris recent COVID rise showing no indication of abating, the interim chief of the St. Louis regions COVID job force is recommending everybody– no matter vaccination status– to mask up when in public.

According to the task force, seven people in the St. Louis region died from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours. Ninety-one individuals were likewise admitted to ICUs in the same time span. Nearly all of these people were not immunized.

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” When we first started masking and social distancing standards, the goal was to wear masks for defense till a vaccine was offered,” stated Dr. Clay Dunagan said, acting head of the St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force.

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