In Children, Risk of Covid-19 Death or Serious Illness Remains Extremely Low, New Studies Find – The Wall Street Journal

Children are at very slim danger of passing away from Covid-19, according to a few of the most thorough studies to date, which indicate the danger might be even lower than formerly thought.
Some 99.995% of the 469,982 kids in England who were contaminated throughout the year analyzed by scientists survived, one research study found.
In truth, there were fewer deaths amongst children due to the virus than at first thought. Amongst the 61 child deaths connected to a favorable Covid-19 test in England, 25 were in fact caused by the health problem, the research study found.
The 3 research studies, by researchers in the U.K. reviewing its nationwide health systems medical records or gathering data from other nations, were released on preprint servers Thursday. The studies havent yet been reviewed by independent specialists and are initial.
The research studies offer some of the most detailed analysis yet of severe disease and death from Covid-19 in kids, a carefully seen topic as schools prepare for a brand-new scholastic year and parents weigh whether to have their kids immunized if shots are cleared for younger ages. Among the research studies focused just on deaths, while the other 2 analyzed the dangers of severe health problem and death.