Sugary drinks and increased colon cancer risk linked in study involving nurses – Fox News

The American Cancer Society has identified several lifestyle elements considered risk factors for colorectal cancer, consisting of alcohol use, weight problems, not being active, smoking cigarettes and even particular types of diets including those high in red meats and processed meats. AMERICANS URGED TO GET COLON CANCER SCREENING EARLIER” Colorectal cancer in younger grownups remains reasonably rare, but the fact that the rates have actually been increasing over the previous 3 years– and we dont understand why– is a significant public health concern and a top priority in cancer avoidance,” Yin Cao, ScD, an associate professor of surgical treatment and of medicine in the Division of Public Health Sciences at Washington University, and senior study author, said. “Due to the boost in colorectal cancer at more youthful ages, the average age of colorectal cancer medical diagnosis has actually gown down from 72 to 66 years.