Pfizer Vaccine Less Effective Against Delta Infections but Prevents Severe Illness, Israeli Data Show – The Wall Street Journal

TEL AVIV– Data from Israel recommends Pfizer Inc.s vaccine is less effective at safeguarding against infections brought on by the Delta version of Covid-19 but retains its effectiveness to prevent severe health problem from the highly contagious strain.
The vaccine safeguarded 64% of inoculated people from infection during a break out of the Delta variation, below 94% prior to, according to Israels Health Ministry. It was 94% reliable at avoiding serious illness in the same duration, compared to 97% prior to, the ministry stated.
An Israeli authorities said Tuesday the health ministry findings launched a day earlier were initial and based on data gathered from June 6 through early July. The ministry didnt release its methodology or the data on which its findings were based.
A spokesperson for Pfizer said he couldnt talk about an unpublished study, but pointed to a recent research study that revealed the vaccine continued to offer protection against new variations.
The findings came as brand-new cases of Covid-19 in Israel increased to a seven-day average of 300 on Tuesday from around 10 a day for most of last month. To prevent another surge in infections, the government late last month reimposed an indoor mask requirement and other steps after finding that about 90% of the new infections were likely triggered by the Delta variant. Israels total population is around 9.3 million.