What Parents With Unvaccinated Kids Need to Know About the Delta Variant This Summer – The Wall Street Journal

Gloria Kennett is eager to take a long-awaited beach vacation, but she is keeping a watchful eye on new cases of the Covid-19 Delta variation.
Ms. Kennett, a hotel executive in Chicago, is immunized, but her 9-month-old daughter isnt yet eligible. In the meantime theyre planning to go. But if they see a huge rise in cases, theyll hold off. Theyre assured that they can get a refund if they cancel.
The more-infectious Delta variation has rapidly spread around the world, and is now the most common strain of the Covid-19 virus distributing in the U.S. An analysis of hereditary sequencing data as of June 27 revealed that the Delta stress now comprises about 40% of favorable Covid-19 test samples, according to Helix, a population genomics business that collects and evaluates test samples from a number of U.S. states.
The CDC has actually said that totally vaccinated Americans are well secured, even against variations. Children under the age of 12 arent yet qualified for vaccination.
Children are still at far less threat than grownups for serious issues or death from the virus. Most kids who get Covid-19 still have mild or asymptomatic cases. There is no sign that young people and children are more susceptible proportionately to the Delta version than other age groups, and any pockets of increased transmission mainly reflect the fact that they have not been immunized, researchers say. “Theres no proof its more severe in children,” says Monica Gandhi, an infectious-diseases medical professional at the University of California, San Francisco.