The worlds first known plague victim was a 5,000-year-old hunter-gatherer in Europe – CNN

It affects people and other mammals, and is frequently transmitted to people by fleas that live on rodents.A joint German-Latvian research group found the earliest known stress of the germs that causes the plague– Yersinia pestis– in the remains of a hunter-gatherer who lived in present-day Latvia 5,000 years ago. The existence of the stress revealed that the bacteria emerged thousands of years earlier than scientists had actually formerly thought– shedding light on the early roots of the afflict, according to a research study released in the scientific journal Cell Reports on Tuesday.The man, who was approximated to be aged between 20 and 30, most likely died after he was bitten by a rodent carrying a stress of the germs, stated the study. They also found something that set this older stress of the pester apart from its later variations: It was not transmissible to humans through fleas, unlike its more contemporary counterparts.This indicated the strain may have been less infectious, the researchers said, keeping in mind that the presence of the germs just in the remains of the 20 to 30-year-old and not in those buried near him appeared to rule out a deadly community infestation.These findings may recommend that the infections caused by Y. pestis used to take place in little isolated cases, and progressed to its middle ages and modern forms together with the development of the human civilization and development of bigger cities after this duration.