Heart inflammation after COVID-19 shots higher than expected in study of U.S. military – Reuters

REUTERS/Dado RuvicJune 29 (Reuters) – Members of the U.S. military who were vaccinated versus COVID-19 showed higher-than-expected rates of heart swelling, although the condition was still extremely rare, according to a study released on Tuesday.The study discovered that 23 formerly healthy males with an average age of 25 complained of chest discomfort within four days of getting a COVID-19 shot. The others received either had one dose or were retired from the military.General population estimates would have predicted eight or fewer cases of myocarditis from the 436,000 male military members who received 2 COVID-19 shots, the study said.An outside panel of experts advising the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated last week that reports of myocarditis were higher in males and in the week after the 2nd vaccine dose than would be expected in the general population. Eight of the military clients in the research study were offered diagnostic scans and showed signs of heart inflammation that might not be described by other causes, the study stated.
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