Eating Disorders Surged Among Adolescents in Pandemic – The Wall Street Journal

Before the pandemic, Basma ONeills 15-year-old daughter was healthy but lean, with a robust cravings.
But after the coronavirus pandemic hit and schools closed in Graham, Wash., her child invested the majority of her time alone in her room. She wore sweats and pajamas, and ate at different times than her household.
She was identified with anorexia nervosa in January; by February her weight was 86 pounds, below around 118 pounds.
“I 100% think the social seclusion from the pandemic set off the eating condition,” Ms. ONeill said.
Professionals throughout the nation who deal with eating conditions in adolescents and young grownups say they are seeing unprecedented demand for treatment that arose during the pandemic. Inpatient systems have actually doubled or tripled capability, wait lists for property programs and outpatient services are months long, and the patients coming in are sicker than ever.