Why You Shouldnt Share Your Teens Mental Health Issues Publicly Online

Theres one location in which you may be disclosing too much info that you havent believed of, especially as weve navigated the pandemic: their mental health.If we squint genuine difficult to find shreds of silver linings the pandemic brought us, one may be that it got us all to talk about self care and psychological health more than we may have in the past. Heres what medical psychologist Annalise Caron composed for the Washington Post that she has also observed in recent years: A byproduct of this greater acceptance and openness, nevertheless, has been more moms and dads sharing their childrens mental health problems in public online forums, especially as the pandemic has actually increased childrens mental health concerns amidst ongoing financial difficulty, social seclusion and distance knowing. The most crucial person in the equation seems to be forgotten: the child.Whether youre sharing information about a psychological health crisis or a modification in medication because youre actively seeking advice, or whether youre sharing it since another parent is experiencing something similar and you want to support them or compare notes, the end outcome is the loss of your childs privacy– and, quite perhaps, the trust they have in you.