New treatment slows Alzheimers progression in monkeys, researchers claim – Fox News

A new treatment set off immune cells to clear out poisonous plaque accumulation and sluggish progression of Alzheimers disease in monkeys, researchers claim.NYU Grossman School of Medicine released findings Tuesday in the journal Brain, stemming from an investigation with elderly squirrel monkeys with significant indications of neurodegeneration.Results suggested up to 59% fewer amyloid beta plaque deposits in the animals brains following treatment with CpG oligodeoxynucleotides (CpG ODN), versus neglected animals.”The resemblances in aging in between the animals studied and our own types give us hope that this therapy will work in human clients as well,” Henrieta Scholtzova, MD, Ph.D. study co-senior author, added in the release. She warned that just animals with considerable signs of neurodegeneration were studied, and further research studies will involve younger animals to check out the drugs effectiveness in earlier courses in disease.