States with low vaccination rates see drop in COVID cases, but experts warn it might not last – Yahoo News

COVID-19 cases are dropping across the country, even in locations that havent intensely vaccinated their populations, experts alert the great times may not last, the Associated Press reported Sunday.The state of play: The decreasing case numbers might be due to a combination of vaccination, natural resistance in neighborhoods where numerous were already exposed to the virus, and the warmer months enabling individuals to invest less time cooped up inside, per AP.Get market news worthwhile of your time with Axios Markets. Subscribe for free.Only 8 states have actually seen their case averages increase the previous two weeks, and all of these states have vaccination rates below the national average of about 39% being totally vaccinated.On the other hand, the 10 states with the least COVID-19 cases per capita are completely vaccinated at rates higher than the nationwide average, per AP.But, however, but: The excellent news comes with a catch.” We definitely are getting some population benefit from our previous cases, but we paid for it,” Thomas Dobbs, Mississippis State Health Officer told AP.