AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine linked to very small’ increased risk of bleeding, study says – Fox News

The first dosage of AstraZenecas COVID-19 vaccine was associated with a “really little” increased threat of bleeding and other uncommon blood disorders, scientists say.Findings released in Nature Medicine on Wednesday stemmed from a research study in Scotland, including 2.53 million people who got very first doses of COVID-19 vaccines between Dec. 8 to April 14, consisting of 57.5% of the countrys adult population. Of the overall, some 1.7 million people got AstraZenecas vaccine, and about 820,000 individuals were administered Pfizers vaccine.While the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is not yet authorized for use in the U.S., an independent committee encouraging vaccinations in the U.K. previously advised those aged 18-39 with no hidden health issues be offered an option to the jab offered rare cases including clotting and low platelet count. Given these little increased dangers for ChAdOx1, alternative vaccines for individuals at low COVID-19 threat may be warranted when supply allows,” research study authors wrote.The increased risk for so-called arterial thromboembolic occasions took place within 27 days after getting the AstraZeneca vaccine, though less cases cropped up than anticipated (3,288 versus 3,328), and hemorrhagic, or bleeding, occasions occurred within 27 days of vaccination, though less cases were observed than expected (301 vs 349).