San Diego County COVID-19 Update – 4-30-2021 –

Here is todays COVID-19 update from the County Health and Person Provider Firm with information through April 29.
Vaccination Development:

State Metrics:

San Diego Countys state-calculated, adjusted case rate is currently 6.2 cases per 100,000 citizens.
The testing positivity percentage is 2.3%.
The health equity metric is 3.0%.
CDPH assesses counties on a weekly basis. The next report is set up for Tuesday, May 4.

Neighborhood Setting Outbreaks:

6 brand-new neighborhood outbreaks were validated April 29: three in college/university settings, one in a restaurant/bar setting, one in a retail setting and one in a TK-12th grade school setting.
In the previous seven days (April 23 through April 29), 24 neighborhood outbreaks were confirmed.
The neighborhood outbreaks trigger is seven or more in seven days.


16,897 tests were reported to the County on April 29, and the portion of new favorable cases was 1%.
The 14-day rolling typical percentage of positive cases is 1.5%. Target is less than 8.0%.
The 7-day, daily average of tests is 13,970.

Cases, Hospitalizations and ICU Admissions:

196 COVID-19 cases were reported to the County on April 29. The regions total is now 276,156.
15,231 or 5.5% of all cases have actually required hospitalization.
1,683 or 0.6% of all cases and 11% of hospitalized cases needed to be confessed to an extensive care unit.


More Information:
The more detailed information summaries found on the Countys coronavirus-sd. com website are updated around 5 p.m. daily.

Two brand-new COVID-19 deaths were reported April 29. The regions total is 3,702.
A woman in her 20s passed away April 20 and a male in his 60s passed away April 28. Both had underlying medical conditions.