For first time, Black residents of LA County seeing highest COVID-19 infection rates – KABC-TV

LOS ANGELES (KABC)– For the very first time throughout the pandemic, Black locals of Los Angeles County have the greatest infection rates of COVID-19, the countys health director said Thursday.Through most of the pandemic, the countys Latino population had experienced the greatest rates of the virus.Case rates, hospitalizations and deaths in all county populations have dropped substantially since the winter surge, as vaccinations continue to increase.But in the last 2 weeks, county authorities have actually seen a shift.”You can see that the highest case rates are now amongst Black citizens at 45 cases per 100,000,” stated county public health director Dr. Barbara Ferrer.Besides the highest infection rate, Ferrer say African Americans are also seeing the most hospitalizations and deaths.”This is absolutely a flip and something were going to see very thoroughly,” Ferrer said.Ferrer says the higher rates in African Americans go together with the information revealing that population has gotten the least dosages of vaccine at 40%, compared to 71% for whites.Ferrer notes that the overwhelming majority of people who are hospitalized for COVID-19 are unvaccinated.To encourage vaccinations, California also announced among the biggest vaccine lottery game reward programs in the country, providing more than $116 million in money prizes.RELATED: Gov. Newsom reveals $116 million vaccine incentive planAnd the LA County Health Department is providing incentives too. Beginning Friday, locals getting a very first dosage or anyone getting a second shot who brings a newbie vaccine recipient will have a possibility to win tickets to LA Kings and LA Galaxy games.The Los Angeles City Council has actually likewise just authorized paid sick time off for individuals getting the vaccine in addition to eight hours of healing time from any adverse effects. This brand-new step heading to Mayor Eric Garcettis desk will cover businesses of any size.
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