Rare ‘Black Fungus,’ Mucormycosis, Infects Thousands of Covid-19 Survivors in India – The Wall Street Journal

NEW DELHI– A 52-year-old diabetic was recuperating from Covid-19 at his home in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad in late April when his blood glucose levels shot up to four times the typical level. The left side of Yaseen Ahmeds face, including his eye, nose and gums began to swell, and there was some discharge.
Mr. Ahmed was diagnosed with a often lethal however unusual fungal infection afflicting thousands recovering from Covid-19 in India, where doctors are lacking an antifungal substance abuse to treat it.
The infection, mucormycosis, likewise called “black fungus” because it turns body tissue black, is primarily affecting individuals with diabetes. With 77 million diabetics out of an adult population of more than 850 million, India has the 2nd highest variety of diabetics worldwide, behind China.
“We didnt know anything about mucormycosis,” said Mr. Ahmeds son, Wasay Ahmed.
The New Delhi city federal government said Thursday it had established mucormycosis treatment centers at three government healthcare facilities in the capital. Lots of states have reported more than 500 cases each, authorities said on May 15. The health minister for the western state of Maharashtra, home to Indias monetary hub Mumbai, said on Thursday that 1,500 individuals in the state were contaminated. Some clients have died. Others have lost their vision.