Covid-triggered black fungus infection is back, warns Gangaram hospital – The Tribune India

Tribune News Service
New Delhi, May 6
Gangaram hospital on Thursday said it was again seeing a increase in COVID-19 set off Mucormycosis cases– a kind of dangerous fungal infection..
Manish Munjal, senior ENT surgeon at the facility said, “We are seeing an increase once again in this harmful fungal infection set off by Covid 19. In the last two days we have actually admitted six cases of Mucormycosis. In 2015 this lethal infection caused a high mortality with lots of clients experiencing loss of eye sight and removal of nose and jaw bone.”.
Chairman of ENT department at Gangaram, Ajay Swaroop said the infection is commonly seen in COVID-19 recuperated clients with comorbidities such as diabetes or kidney, cardiac arrest or cancer.
” Use of steroids in the treatment of Covid infection plus the truth that lots of Covid clients have diabetes as co morbidity could be one of the factors for this rise in black fungus infection again. Covid clients with weak resistance are more prone to this lethal infection,” he stated.
Medical professionals stated early scientific suspicion on symptoms such as nose obstruction, swelling in the cheeks or eyes and black crusts in the nose ought to instantly trigger a biopsy and start of antifungal therapy as early as possible