CDC investigating Ionia Co. woman’s death after getting J&J vaccine –

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention validated to VanGeests family that her death was reported through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a vaccine safety system managed by the CDC and FDA.

Federal health officials have tape-recorded 15 complaints of J&J vaccine receivers– mainly females under the age of 50– who established harmful blood clots.” If I had a family member, a more youthful family member who was a female who told me that she was really concerned about having to go get 2 shots, however was willing to get one shot, then I would absolutely encourage her to go and get the Johnson & & Johnson vaccine. Thats the thing Im far more worried about, so I would absolutely support a household member who told me that they wanted to get the Johnson & & Johnson vaccine because of convenience or gain access to.

Anne VanGeest, 35, died April 19 at Mercy Health Saint Marys in Grand Rapids..

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)– The family of an Ionia-area spouse and mother says she passed away due to complications after getting the Johnson & & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine..

According to the CDC, signs of the potentially deadly issue may consist of:.

” Its truly vital that healthcare companies be aware that this condition exists although its exceedingly unusual. Because we require to know how to step in and identify it, and how to treat it appropriately,” stated Dr. Barnes, who noted that the CDC and FDA have established particular actions to assist health care companies in the diagnosis and treatment of such cases.

Neither the FDA nor the CDC would validate to News 8 that its investigating Van Geests death.

Metro Health– University of Michigan announced Monday that its not administering the Johnson & & Johnson vaccine to ladies under 50 “as an additional preventative measure.”.

” An active member of the animal rescue neighborhood, Annie will be remembered as a strong advocate, a master-multi-tasker and a caring buddy by her associates, fellow volunteers and family,” checked out the declaration.

Anne VanGeests death certificate lists the manner of death as “natural” and the cause as “intense subarachnoid hemorrhage non-traumatic,” which is referred to as “bleeding in the area between the brain and the thin tissues that cover it.”.

Severe or persistent headaches or blurred visionShortness of breathChest painLeg swellingPersistent abdominal painEasy bruising or small blood spots under the skin beyond the injection site.

” It is with profound unhappiness that we share the news of Annes passing as the result of issues after receiving the Johnson & & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine,” her family said in a Thursday morning declaration launched through a Grand Rapids public relations firm.

” VAERS accepts reports of possible negative effects (likewise called negative events) following vaccination. The system is not developed to identify whether a reported adverse occasion was triggered by the vaccine, but acts as an early caution system and helps CDC and FDA identify locations for additional study. When VAERS receives reports of serious illness or death after vaccination, VAERS staff contact the health center where the client was dealt with to obtain the involved medical records to better comprehend the adverse event. They do not consistently contact the household.”.

The declaration went on to explain VanGeest as a “caring mother, sibling, wife and daughter.”.

University of Michigan Dr. Geoff Barnes, who was not associated with VanGeests care and has no knowledge of the scenarios surrounding her death, told News 8 that a “subarachnoid hemorrhage” can occur as a result of the J&J complication.

On April 13, the CDC ordered a time out in the administration of the Johnson & & Johnson vaccine after 6 reports of a “unusual and severe type of blood clot,” called cerebral venous sinus thrombosis or CVST.

Barnes described what federal investigators found in the rare blood-clotting cases linked to the J&J vaccine.

” We did get a VAERS report worrying (Annes) case. It was filed by her healthcare provider,” composed a member of the CDC Immunization Safety Office in an email exchange with one of VanGeests relatives.

“( The clients) established an embolism in among the veins that drained out of the brain, however in addition they likewise were found to have actually low platelet counts,” he told News 8. “( Low platelets) is one of the elements in blood that helps it clot. And so these clients were at danger for both bleeding and clotting.”.

If he would advise the J&J vaccine to ladies under age 50, News 8 asked Barnes.

Her family states she got the Johnson & & Johnson vaccine April 8. She later on established a persistent headache, which is one of the signs reported in ladies under 50 who suffered an unusual problem of the J&J vaccine.

The system is not created to identify whether a reported adverse event was caused by the vaccine, but serves as an early warning system and assists CDC and FDA determine locations for more study. They do not consistently contact the household.”.

Barnes stated the clients developed the clotting complication in between 4 and 28 days after receiving the Johnson & & Johnson vaccine.

While VanGeest lived in Ionia Countys Easton Township, her death certificate was submitted in Kent County since she died at Mercy Health Saint Marys in Grand Rapids.

It recommended memorial contributions in Annies name might be made to C-Snip and LuvnPupz of Grand Rapids.

The declaration from VanGeests household requested for privacy as they mourn the spouse and mothers death and commemorate her life.

” If I had a family member, a younger relative who was a lady who informed me that she was truly worried about needing to go get 2 shots, however was willing to get one shot, then I would definitely encourage her to go and get the Johnson & & Johnson vaccine. I think the threat here is exceedingly small,” he responded. “The dangers connected with getting COVID-19 and the numerous different things that it can do to our body, those are much higher. Thats the thing Im even more concerned about, so I would certainly support a household member who told me that they wished to get the Johnson & & Johnson vaccine since of benefit or access. I would absolutely support them doing that.”.

Barnes noted the one-dose J&J vaccine is especially helpful for people who do not have all set access to healthcare and might not have the ability to return for a 2nd dosage.

A GoFundMe account to assist cover funeral costs and support VanGeests household says she left behind 4 children. It remembered her as an animal enthusiast. It says she operated at C-Snip, which supplies spaying and neutering for animals, and volunteered with Carols Ferals.

The statement from an agent of VanGeests household stopped short of saying she died from the J&J vaccine, rather saying she died “as the outcome of complications after (focus included) getting the Johnson & & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.”.

Federal health officials have taped 15 grievances of J&J vaccine receivers– primarily females under the age of 50– who established harmful blood clots. Younger women who are concerned about the J&J shot can look for opportunities to get Pfizer or Moderna instead.