Pro-Trump and anti-vax sites urging people to forge COVID-19 vaccination cards, says CDC | TheHill – The Hill

Some former President Trump fans and anti-vaxxers are creating vaccine cards using a government-issued design template to wrongly specify they received their shots.NBC News reports that people are making their own vaccination cards using an online design template and flashcards.America is changing faster than ever!” Using high-resolution PDFs from the websites on the Wyoming and Missouri health departments, conspiracy and anti-government online forums give graphic design templates on how to make a persuading vaccination card.Certain websites, like, previously understood as, instruct how thick the cardstock needs to be and how some vaccination centers connect stickers on cards to suggest the date.” The preliminary goal for posting the document was to make things a little easier for neighborhood suppliers,” the Wyoming department representative said.The cards, handwritten and containing very little information, are being made use of by right-wing online forums that challenge President Bidens vaccination mandates.The Biden administration stated it was not interested in creating a federal vaccination passport, stating some may have privacy issues.