Orange County womans death after 2nd dose of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine spurs concern from family – KABC-TV

SANTA ANA, Calif. (KABC)– The Orange County Coroners office is examining the death of a woman who passed away simply days after she got her second dosage of the Moderna vaccine.The household says the grandmother was healthy before she got her shot, and that her abrupt death came as a shock.A discussion with personnel at the Orange County Coroners workplace about Griselda Flores death, raised red flags for her kid Richard Cardenas and the household.”They made it appear like this was not the first call that they had,” Cardenas said.Assistant Chief Deputy Coroner Brad Olsen says thats right.Olsen told Eyewitness News a handful of deaths, including Flores, are under examination due to the fact that they happened one to three days after the individual got a COVID-19 vaccine dose.RELATED: Researchers studying development COVID-19 cases of infection after vaccination”That implies our doctors want to run some extra studies, whether it be toxicology, micros or just a review of medical records to see their treatment course, and look for those other hidden conditions,” Olsen stated. Death investigations didnt discover vaccinations contributed to patient deaths.A person has a greater possibility of dying if they contract the COVID-19 infection, according to California Department of Public Health numbers – 1,660 deaths per 100,000 cases.Olsen says the deaths pending examination date back to January and the decedents, both female and male, received either the Moderna or Pfizer shot.The results of further research studies might come three months after death, possibly longer.
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