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Carole Hackett, senior vice president and chief human resource officer with Houston Methodist, said 84 percent of staff is currently immunized with a goal of vaccines for all by June.

HOUSTON– On Wednesday, Houston Methodist revealed its strategy to make the COVID-19 vaccine necessary for all staff members.

” Well, yes and no,” Roe described.

Get the COVID-19 vaccine or lose your task. Thats the position one Houston medical facility is taking as they attempt to keep clients as safe as possible.

No vaccine, no job? Houston Methodist announced #COVID 19 vaccines will be necessary for all workers. #KHOU 11 legal expert @CarmenRoe believes other companies will quickly follow fit.

There are exceptions; people with spiritual or medical concerns can submit those for evaluation. For all others, “we do have progressive discipline that could lead to termination,” Hackett stated.

” Patient security is crucial,” Hackett said. “That is our number one focus, and in order to keep our patients safe, our staff members must be vaccinated.”

Roe thinks that if the company is a medical center or first responder then, “Yes, a mandatory vaccine is going to be proper as long as they abide by the American with impairments act as well as title 7 (spiritual and medical exemptions).”.

KHOU 11 asked attorney and KHOU 11 legal analyst Carmen Roe if it is legal for an employer to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine.

Can somebody who simply does not want to get the vaccine be fired since of that?

” My suggestion would be dont take legal guidance from company. Contact an attorney,” Roe stated.

” We have vetted this through all of our lawyers and weve been doing this with the flu vaccine for years. We are confident that we are doing the best thing,” Hackett said.

The FDA has granted Emergency Use Authorization. Its one reason Roe anticipates some staff members to push back if companies mandate the vaccine.

” There are business all over Texas that I understand about that are attempting to fashion language and to make this an obligatory vaccination world,” Hackett stated. “Houston Methodist is the very first one, however I believe there are plenty to do the same, and I believe this is going to be something thats going to be a wave across Texas in the coming months.”.

Houston Methodist stated they hope it doesnt pertain to that and will work to inform any unwilling worker on the realities of the COVID-19 vaccine, However, they are prepared in case an employee still refuses it for non-protected legal factors.

” The simplest factor is that this (COVID vaccine) isnt FDA authorized. We are still in the trial period,” Hackett stated.

The influenza vaccine is currently mandated at Houston Methodist, and lots of healthcare facilities and medical facilities throughout the county. Roe thinks that cant be used as precedent here.

” It is a case of impression,” Roe said. “It is a problem thats never ever been reviewed prior to.”.

This is unchartered territory for the court system and a problem that is likely to come up as companies throughout the nation attempt to browse the pandemic.

No vaccine, no task? Houston Methodist announced #COVID 19 vaccines will be mandatory for all employees. #KHOU 11 legal analyst @CarmenRoe believes other businesses will quickly follow suit. Is this legal? Story tonight @ 10.