AP PHOTOS: Looking for solitude in pandemic times – Associated Press

ANTWERP, Belgium (AP)– One year into the pandemic, practically everyones travel experience has changed. So its not surprising that someone developed this: Instead of a cabin on a Mediterranean cruise liner where tourists hang around with thousands of others, the total opposite– complete solitude, on land, in the middle of no place. And rather of all the high-end of pre-COVID-19 life with air-conditioning, four-course suppers and cocktails, these wooden cabins bring a caution: Dont remain in the shower too long, it may get cold. And do not bother looking for Wi-Fi. The Slow Cabin, an idea of Antwerp entrepreneur Xavier Leclair, uses all this and even less: Little possibility of catching the coronavirus in the completely sustainable tiny eco homes. “One of our primary reasons to go to this cabin was to get away from work and other overloads. To detach from the internet and to reconnect with each other, nature and a simpler life,” stated Kim Devos, from Erpe, Belgium, who recently scheduled a weekend with her partner, Guy De Deyn. Each eco-cabin is equipped with photovoltaic panels, rainwater collectors, a wood burning stove and a little cooking area and restroom with a dry toilet. An abundance of big windows provides the very best truth program: nature itself.The solar batteries keep a limited quantity of energy and the water tank is just so huge, all of which can be kept an eye on. The awareness of what and how you are using these resources is meant to be reclaimed house with you.And when the areas of the cabins become too widely known, they are quickly pulled up and carried.