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By Kirsten GutiƩrrez, WRAL reporterFor months, professionals were unsure if the vaccine would prevent you from spreading the infection to others.

This implies if youve been totally vaccinated, you may have more flexibility than you believed.

Real world data that showed those who were fully immunized by either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine did not transmit the infection.

New CDC data, out Tuesday, recommends those who are totally vaccinated wont get sick and are not likely to transmit the virus.” Our information from the CDC today recommends that vaccinated people do not bring the infection, do not get ill and its not just in the clinical trials but likewise in real world data,” CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said.

” You can go to family and friends who might be prone to the virus or getting seriously ill from the virus,” Roper stated.

” Before, we didnt know for sure if it would keep you from spreading it and now we have good proof that you will be safe and not spread it to other individuals,” ECU associate teacher of microbiology & & immunology Dr. Rachel Roper stated.

For those on the fence about getting their shot, Roper states the numbers do not lie when it comes to this deadly infection. “And now, the individuals that are being hospitalized are younger people. Youve got to remember this infection isnt safe for people who are younger, either.”

The new information concentrates on the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, however, professionals tell WRAL theres trial information for the Johnson & & Johnson vaccine and they anticipate this to be real for all.