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French Health Minister Olivier Veran provides a press conference on the existing French government method for the continuous Covid-19 pandemic in Paris, on March 25. Ludovic Marin/Pool/AFP/ Getty ImagesThree extra areas in France will join 16 currently under stringent constraints, French Health Minister Olivier Véran revealed Thursday.”Epidemic pressure has actually reached disconcerting levels” in the regions of Nièvre, Rhône and Aube, Véran said.A total of 19 areas in France will now undergo the strictest procedures in the country. The strict steps are not quite a full lockdown, as schools remain open. Nevertheless, unnecessary stores are closed and individualss motion will be limited within a roughly six-mile radius unless engaging organization or health factors to travel further. The whole country is following a curfew from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. regional time. Working from house is motivated as much as possible.The health minister explained a stricter lockdown that would consist of the closure of schools was not considered at this stage stating, “First, the infection does not circulate all over in the very same method and with the same strength. The Finistère area (Brittany) is ten times less afflicted than Seine Saint-Denis (Paris residential area),” he stated. Véran also stated that “after a year of collective battle,” they consulted local authorities and considered “the acceptability of the steps by the population.””It is prematurely to judge whether the procedures are adequately effective and effective. The steps chosen recently could show their impacts by this weekend at the earliest,” he added, showing that presently there are 1,410 patients in extensive care in the Paris area.”More than 45,000 French individuals have been identified with the coronavirus in these 24 hours,” Veran stated, prior to adding, “There is an acceleration of the epidemic almost everywhere– the situation is the most stressing in the Paris region, in northern France and in the riviera region.”He stated people in extensive care are younger when compared to November and December, something he credits to the brand-new coronavirus versions. Véran stated that since Thursday evening, more than 7 million people have gotten a minimum of one dosage of the vaccine and 2.5 million have received both doses. “By mid-April, so within three weeks, we will have vaccinated more than 10 million people, a bulk of individuals most vulnerable to the virus,” he included.