Dr. Tiffany Osborn reunited with family after living for last year in an RV to keep COVID-19 away – KABC-TV

ST. LOUIS– Last March, one BJC medical professional on the cutting edge made the choice to range herself from her family so she didnt bring COVID-19 home.”I had the same issues every healthcare supplier had which was one, am I gon na contaminate myself? More importantly, am I going to contaminate my household?” Tiffany Osborn said.BJC Doctor Tiffany Osborn has taken an extreme procedure to secure her family from the coronavirus, she purchased a camper to live in to keep herself isolated.Osborn is an ER and ICU physician who has lived inside her Recreational Vehicle for the last year. She stated it was a choice she and her household made in order to stop the disease from coming inside their home.Osborn stated she would work 3 weeks straight with no day of rests so that she could separate for a few days, get checked, and see her family for just a number of days before she headed back into the hospital.Now, after a whole year, shes finally completely reunited with her family. “It took a little while to transition, once I got back in, it was wonderful,” Osborn stated. “I indicate, its been wonderful having the opportunity to actually experience being together once again on a consistent basis.”Osborne stated getting to be with her household once again wouldnt have actually been possible without the COVID-19 vaccine. She stated the only method for us to get back to normal – is to get those shots.