3 people infected with U.K. coronavirus variant in Fresno County – KFSN-TV

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN)– Health authorities state they have discovered the first known cases of the U.K. coronavirus variant in Fresno County.In a media briefing on Friday afternoon, the Fresno County Department of Public Health officials said they were informed by the state three people have actually checked positive for the U.K. coronavirus variant, or “B. 1.1.7″ as its formally known.”In numerous ways, its like were in the very first few months of the pandemic all over again,” said Fresno County Health Officer Dr. Rais Vohra.Health department contact tracers have currently reached out to all of individuals contaminated with the alternative and are working to separate people they might have entered into contact with.B.1.1.7 is one of the so-called “versions of issue” and was found to be 40 to 80 percent more transmissible. It was very first detected in the United Kingdom where it spread quickly and caused a significant boost in COVID-19 cases in the nation.”We do not understand if this is the dominant stress,” Dr. Vohra stated. “Certainly thats the worry – if this ends up being a dominant strain that this will really produce a real backslide in terms of our ability to take care of people.”Health authorities stated this coronavirus variation not just spreads more quickly than others, however its likewise more fatal. They acknowledged the three cases are likely “just the tip of the iceberg,” and there are most likely numerous more cases of these alternative stress triggering COVID cases in Fresno County.Dr. Vohra said case rates were going down, but he said theyre now beginning to plateau, which he blames, partially, on the variants.Health officias stated vaccinations will assist avoid further spread, but theyre likewise asking locals to continue taking precautions.Vohra said, “Dont let down your guard. Were still in the purple or the prevalent community spread tier here in Fresno County compared to the remainder of the state. We still have just a lot of infections that are being reported every single day.”Research is still underway about how efficient each of the vaccines protests the UK variant, however specialists believe they all assist safeguard individuals from getting exceptionally sick.County health authorities state so even more than 320,000 vaccine dosages have been administered in Fresno County and 39,000 more doses to arrive next week.
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