Covid-19 Age-Based Vaccination Rules Come Under Fire – The Wall Street Journal

A reaction is growing in Connecticut and Maine following the adoption of age-based eligibility guidelines for Covid-19 vaccinations that will require some people with major vital workers and medical conditions to wait longer for their turn.
The two states are the only ones in the nation to base eligibility for the Covid-19 vaccine primarily on age. In recent weeks, both deserted previous plans to also give concern to individuals with certain hidden medical conditions and individuals working in some professions. In Connecticut, people 55 years and older are currently allowed to get the vaccine, and in Maine individuals 60 and older can get it.
Younger individuals will end up being qualified in stages. Both states have sculpted out an exception for individuals who work in education.
David Margolis, who resides in Stamford, Conn., said he had actually expected his 21-year-old son, who has an unusual genetic disorder that makes him more prone to a serious case of Covid-19, to be consisted of in the next group of people eligible for the vaccine. Rather, he will need to wait till at least May, when Connecticut opens up vaccinations to its last group, 16- to 34-year-olds.
” We were flabbergasted. We were brokenhearted,” said Mr. Margolis, 63. “How you take this population of individuals that have these underlying conditions and simply sort of toss them to the wayside is simply beyond me.”