Denmark mink Covid crisis worsens. Heres what it means – CNN

The development came days after the Danish federal government revealed it prepared to cull the countrys entire mink population in order to include the spread.
There are between 15 and 17 million mink in Denmark, whereas its human population stands at around 5.5 million.
The restriction entered place at 4 a.m. Saturday and suggests tourists from Denmark can not enter the UK, the government stated in a declaration. British nationals returning home will be forced to quarantine for 2 weeks and, unlike other quarantine requirements for tourists going into the UK, there will be no exemptions.
Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen stated Wednesday the decision to choose the minks had actually been made with a “broken heart,” but it was essential based on the recommendation of health authorities.

Whats occurred in Denmark?
Denmark announced it would choose its entire mink population after it found evidence that the illness that triggers unique coronavirus had actually mutated in mink, after being handed down by human beings. The new variation was likewise found to have spread out to humans, with 214 validated infections since Friday.
The Danish government likewise revealed limitations for the 7 municipalities where the new stress was detected. “The virus has altered in mink. The altered virus has actually spread out to humans,” Frederiksen stated.
Statens Serum Institut, the Danish authority based in Copenhagen which deals with infectious diseases, had found 5 cases of the virus in mink farms and 12 examples in people that showed reduced sensitivity to antibodies, she stated. Permitting the virus to spread might potentially limit the effectiveness of future vaccines.

Are minks and Covid an issue in other nations?

Reuters reported that 90,000 mink were killed in Spain over the summer season after a break out at a farm, after which numerous human employees at the farm were contaminated. In June, Reuters also reported that 10,000 mom mink and around 50,000 mink pups were
gassed to death on a farm in the southern Dutch town of De Mortel, as part of the nations larger drive to cull around 3,500.

What are they doing with all the minks?
All of the Danish mink population is to be promptly chosen in order to stop the spread of the brand-new mutated type of the virus.
If coronavirus is altering, will it affect vaccines?

Not necessarily. The vaccine race that is currently underway all over the world is to fight Covid-19. What has been found in mink is a variation of SARS-CoV-2, which the World Health Organization refers to as “the infection which causes COVID-19.”
Speaking at an instruction on Friday, WHO epidemiologist, Maria Van Kekhove, warned that “mutations are normal.”

The Danish government likewise revealed restrictions for the seven municipalities where the brand-new stress was detected. “The infection has altered in mink. The altered virus has actually spread to humans,” Frederiksen said.
What has been discovered in mink is a variation of SARS-CoV-2, which the World Health Organization describes as “the virus which causes COVID-19.”