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When people are sharing typical areas like restrooms and kitchen areas, research studies have revealed that a significant portion of spread occurs within families.

Does weather condition affect the spread of the coronavirus outside?
Not really.
The World Health Organization says the infection can be sent in any type of weather condition which there is no reason to think that winter can kill it.
The U.N. health company states the virus is mainly spread in between people. Rain and snow may water down any traces of the infection on benches or other outside objects, however transmission from surfaces is not thought to be a significant contributor to the pandemic.
Researchers state the genuine concern about cold weather is that lower temperatures are most likely to keep people inside your home– potentially in more crowded spaces where the infection can spread out more quickly.

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WHO and others have likewise alerted that in indoor areas with bad ventilation, transmission occurs more quickly because the virus can be spread out in the air and contagious particles may stay suspended in the air for a number of hours.
Superspreader events have actually been traced to clubs, gyms and even choir practices. The coronavirus does not send as often outdoors because fresh air distributes the virus particles and individuals are more quickly able to keep their range from others. But experts caution that if people invest extended time periods outdoors near to others without using masks, coronavirus spread is still possible.
Health officials state the very best way to stop transmission of the infection is to use a mask in public, stay at least 6 feet (2 meters) away from individuals not in your home and often clean your hands.

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