AI can detect COVID-19 by listening to your coughs – Engadget

The AI is extremely precise in early tests. After the group trained its design on 10s of countless cough and dialog samples, the innovation recognized 98.5 percent of coughs from people with validated COVID-19 cases. It recognized 100 percent of individuals who were seemingly asymptomatic, too.
There are clear limits. The innovation isnt suggested to identify symptomatic people, as they might have other conditions that produce comparable behavior. And while its quite capable, you would not wish to use this for a definitive verdict on whether or not youre infected.
You might only have to cough into your phone each day to identify if its safe for you to head outdoors. The researchers even suggest this might put an end to pandemics if the tool was constantly listening in the background, although thats a big “if” when it would likely raise personal privacy issues.