‘It Has Hit Us With a Vengeance’: Coronavirus Surges Again Across the United States – The New York Times

“We were hoping we had actually gotten away the Covid-19,” Mayor Tim Mahoney of Fargo, a practicing surgeon, stated in an interview. “Now were much like everyone else in the nation. It has actually hit us with a vengeance.
” We kind of believed we d outmaneuver it, and you cant outmaneuver this virus.”
In other parts of the nation, officials are also returning to another tried-and-true method of including the infection: stay-at-home orders. On Tuesday, regional health authorities ordered trainees at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to remain in their homes other than for vital activities effective right away, in an effort to manage an escalating community outbreak.
Given that Oct. 12, cases associated with the university have made up about 61 percent of validated and likely regional infections, said Jimena Loveluck, the health officer for Washtenaw County, who warned that numerous cases have been tied to celebrations and other big gatherings.
” During the day, on campus, everyones fine and following the rules,” said Emma Stein, a senior news editor at The Michigan Daily, the student paper, who is now restricted at house with her eight roommates. “But during the night, on weekends, they do not.”.
The order could leave the school uncommonly peaceful ahead of Oct. 31, when the university is expected to play its first house football game of the season against its biggest in-state competitor, Michigan State. For added deterrence, health officials are considering an extra kick: Within the week, officials said, the health department may start fining people who break the order to remain at home.
In an indication of how quickly the infection is spreading out in numerous parts of the Midwest and the Great Plains, infections recently overtook a personal retirement home in northern Kansas.