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WEST JORDAN– A brand-new survey exposes simply 59% of American adults prepare to get the flu vaccine this year, according to the National Foundation for Infectious Disease. Health officials state those numbers are worrying given that the flu season and ongoing coronavirus pandemic are overlapping, making it more important than ever for individuals to get immunized.
Xander and Cole Wilde more than happy to be back to school face to face. “Its much easier that way. I can ask the teacher for aid,” 10-year-old Xander discussed.
It was a difficult decision for their moms and dads, Michelle and Josh Wilde, to make.
” Kids– they just touch whatever, they pass it to each other,” Michelle described, explaining her hesitancy.
Thats why she is making safety top of mind. She and Josh took their household to their regional “Boo the Flu” clinic at Bennion Elementary School in West Jordan to get flu shots.
Michelle Wilde says its easy for her to keep in mind because the school generally lines up parent/teacher conferences with the center. Its extremely simple to simply go in and fill out the documentation,” she discussed.
Xander and Cole were a little uncertain, they comprehended the significance and were prepared to comply with an ice cream incentive.
Michelle Wilde states she immunizes her kids to assist protect her prolonged family members who have actually weakened immune systems, including her grandpa.
” I do not wish to pass anything on to them that would make them very sick or land them in the hospital,” she stated.
Intermountain Healthcares Tamara Sheffield, medical director of community health and prevention, states its more important than ever to get an influenza shot this year.
” We cant have influenza circulating and COVID at the very same time and we have a vaccine that avoids influenza and prevents those hospitalizations and deaths,” she described.
She stated flu vaccinations will lower the problem on our total health care system by preventing people from needing to be tested, going to the emergency clinic, or utilizing health center beds.

” We require to conserve those resources for individuals who have COVID-19,” she emphasized.
Regardless of reports, Sheffield made it clear: “If you get a flu vaccine, it puts you at no greater danger for getting COVID-19.”
She encourages anyone 6 months and older to get their shot in October prior to the flu season hits in November and December, and recommends people 65 years of ages and older get a high-dose vaccine.
” Because your immune system doesnt work rather along with you get older and you require an additional boost of the vaccine to assist you develop the immunity,” she discussed.
Sheffield hopes Utahns will play their part in slowing the spread of both COVID-19 and influenza. “The way we make it a mild season is by utilizing all the tools, we need to prevent respiratory infections,” she stated. “One of the very best tools we have is vaccines.”
She motivates people to continue using masks, cleaning their hands and social distancing.
Michelle Wilde wants to keep her kids both healthy and happy by ensuring them “the most security I can provide, while still permitting them to be kids and play with their buddies and find out personally,” she stated.
After getting his shot, 6-year-old Cole stated, “That was in fact faster than I thought!”
” The more individuals who can get the shot and the more individuals who can simply use a mask and social distance, the more we can return to just seeing the people we like,” Michelle said.
Intermountain Healthcare is offering drive-thru flu shot clinics allowing individuals to get vaccinated without leaving their own vehicle. To find a drive-thru area or walk-in pharmacy near you, check out intermountainhealthcare.org/flu.



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Xander and Cole Wilde are happy to be back to school in person. Michelle Wilde says its simple for her to remember considering that the school generally aligns parent/teacher conferences with the center. Its super simple to simply go in and fill out the documents,” she discussed.
“The method we make it a mild season is by using all the tools, we have to prevent breathing infections,” she said. “One of the finest tools we have is vaccines.”