Neanderthal genes are a liability for COVID-19 patients, study says – CBS News

Genes that some individuals have inherited from their Neanderthal forefathers might increase the possibility of suffering serious kinds of COVID-19, according to researchers. A research study by European researchers released Wednesday by the journal Nature recognizes a cluster of genes that are connected to a greater danger of hospitalization and breathing failure in patients who are contaminated with the coronavirus..

” It is striking that the genetic heritage from the Neandertals has such terrible repercussions throughout the present pandemic,” Paabo said in a declaration. “Why this is need to now be investigated as quickly as possible.”.

Scientist Hugo Zeberg and Svante Paabo figured out that the genes come from a group, or haplotype, which likely originated from Neanderthals. The haplotype is found in about 16% of the population in Europe and half the population in South Asia, while in Africa and East Asia it is non-existent.
Modern humans and Neanderthals are understood to have interbred at different points in history, leading to an exchange of genes than can still be discovered today.

The genes are among several risk elements for COVID-19, consisting of age, sex and pre-existing conditions like obesity, heart and diabetes issues.
The scientists, who operate at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany, state the prevalence of the particular Neanderthal gene group is greatest in individuals from Bangladesh, where 63% are approximated to carry a copy of the haplotype.
They cite research studies from the U.K. showing that individuals of Bangladeshi descent have about two times higher threat of dying from COVID-19 than the basic population.