Cats Shed More Than Dogs. The Coronavirus, Not Fur. – The New York Times

Likewise, outside a lab, infection depends primarily on breathing in viral particles from a contaminated individual and regular contact doesnt always translate into infection for animals. Ferrets have been displayed in the laboratory to be susceptible to infection with the virus, and to spread it to other ferrets.
Researchers at Tufts reported, in a paper that has yet to be peer- evaluated, that in one house with 29 family pet ferrets and 2 people with Covid not one ferret ended up being contaminated with the infection.
The 29 ferrets roamed easily in your home, and both human grownups were ill enough with Covid to show symptoms, so there was adequate chance for infection. Kaitlin Sawatzki, a virologist at Tufts University and one of the authors of the ferret paper, said, “Isnt that unbelievable? It was a lovely natural experiment.”
The scientists concluded that there might be genetic barriers to infection that are conquered in a laboratory with focused dosages of infection. Minks, which are in the very same household as ferrets, seem really quickly contaminated, and to get sick from the illness. Researchers have likewise reported transmission from animals to humans at mink farms in the Netherlands in a paper not yet peer-reviewed. Dr. Sawatzki stated the paper showed “extremely strong evidence of numerous, independent mink-to-human transmission events.”
The Colorado State researchers advise keeping cats inside, especially if a human in a home has actually ended up being infected, due to the fact that they might spread it to other felines. Likewise, if an individual with Covid requires to be confessed to a medical facility and has animal felines, Dr. Porter recommended, the felines caretakers should know to observe social distancing as they would with an individual.
The infected felines that revealed immunity, Dr. Bosco-Lauth said, were animals that were infected by contact with other felines, not by pipette. And, she said, the immune response was more powerful than in some other laboratory animals, although for how long that defense may last is totally unknown.