Warning tag on school masks upset some Collier County parents – Wink News


It reads: “Not planned to eliminate or prevent direct exposure to any illness, infection or infectious disease.”

” Thats why this tag exists; its on here since it does not assist with those things. This is a scare tactic and a control strategy … which is unimaginable in a complimentary country.”

A Collier County School District face covering has some parents upset due to the caution on its tag.

Medical specialists still stress the value of wearing a mask. Robert Hawkes, director of Florida Gulf Coast Universitys physician assistant program, stated masking up does have its benefits and there have actually been studies to show it.

” They have actually been able to use ultraviolet light, they have been able to utilize laser light and determine that when people actually sneeze or cough, it does decrease the spread of the virus … which normally without a mask might reach 6 feet or perhaps greater,” Hawkes stated.

” Modern science tells us that these masks were never ever designed to avoid the spread of diseases, so I wasnt amazed that it was on there due to the fact that it is real,” said parent Chadwin Taylor.

The school district stated, in part, “This is not a district disclaimer. The maker placed the disclaimer tag on the masks. It does not change our approach to resolving the pandemic.”