South Lake Tahoe hiker tests positive for plague, first California case since 2015 – San Francisco Chronicle

Plague is now treated with antibiotics, but it can be fatal without treatment.

Symptoms including fever, nausea, weak point and swollen lymph nodes, which typically appear within 2 weeks of direct exposure to an infected animal or flea.

The afflict shown up in the United States in 1900 from rat-infested ships. The last substantial epidemic in the nation occurred in Los Angeles from 1924-1925.

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The illness has caused upsurges throughout history, eliminating millions. One-third of Europes population died in the 14th century from the afflict, or “Black Death.”

Plague is transferred by fleas, which get the bacteria from squirrels, chipmunks and other wild rodents.

You can tick that area now if you had the Black Death or bubonic pester on your 2020 bingo card.

The person, “a devoted walker,” might have been bitten by a contaminated flea while strolling their canine along the Truckee River in the Tahoe Keys location, according to El Dorado health officials.

” Plague is naturally present in lots of parts of California, consisting of greater elevation areas of El Dorado County,” said Dr. Nancy Williams, county public health Officer. “Its important that individuals take precautions on their own and their family pets when outdoors, especially while strolling, camping and/or hiking in locations where wild rodents exist. Human cases of plague are very unusual but can be very serious.”

A South Lake Tahoe citizen has actually evaluated positive for the human plague, the very first case in California in five years.

The last cases of plague in California were in 2015, with two people infected in Yosemite National Park. Those were the very first cases since 2006.

An average of 7 human pester cases are reported in the country each year, the majority of in the Southwest. The vast majority are the bubonic form of the afflict, although there is likewise septicemic plague and pneumonic afflict.

Health officials regularly check animals for pester. From 2016 to 2019, El Dorado County recognized 20 animals with the afflict– all in the South Lake Tahoe location.

Officials recommended not feeding squirrels or chipmunks, wearing long trousers to lower direct exposure to fleas and protect pets with flea medication, including cats, which are highly susceptible to afflict and can pass it to their owners.