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While screening continues to increase, the variety of COVID-19 cases in the state continues to climb at an even quicker rate.

The seven-day average rolling infection rate for Minnesota is at 5.1%, up from 4.8% last Monday. Theres likewise been a 19% increase in ICU clients in the past week, Malcolm stated.

She noted that it takes everyone doing their part to beat the virus and stop the spread, and MDH motivates everybody to follow the guidance it has issued.

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Ehresmann also stated Minnesota was one of just 4 states invited by the CDC to be part of a pilot group that will take a look at presenting the vaccine and preparation for that time. Ehresmann said Minnesota was picked due to the strength of its immunization program and a strong history of outreach to communities.

When Malcolm and Ehresmann talked about working with their federal colleagues in battling the infection, the most significant news from Mondays call was. They noted that federal officials have stated Minnesota, due to the fact that of the increasing infection rate and hospitalizations, should be looking at closing things down again or dialing back. Malcolm and Ehresmann stated its been a struggle getting individuals to adhere to the guidance that was released, and while the goal is to keep things open and not have to call back, its something theyll continue to consider and monitor ought to the situation continue to aggravate.

Ehresmann stated a federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory group typically offers assistance for how to prioritize vaccines, considered that itll require time to get enough for everybody and some individuals will require it sooner than others. The group will release guidance for states, and itll then depend on states to implement that assistance.

They likewise said there is some preparation currently underway for when a COVID-19 vaccine is authorized.

Here are some other highlights from Mondays briefing:

From July 10 to the end of the month, the state got 370 problems about bars and restaurants not complying with the states COVID-19 constraints.
Ehresmann talked briefly about plasma donations, stating those whove recuperated from COVID-19 can have antibodies in their plasma that can be utilized to assist others fighting the infection. A research study of convalescent plasma for fighting COVID-19 is still continuous.
Ehresmann likewise noted blood banks are dealing with shortages and have made efforts to make it safe for donating blood. She motivated Minnesotans to consider providing blood, if able.
MDH officials have actually seen scams making the rounds connected to call tracing and wearing masks. One of the rip-offs includes a “leave mask” complimentary card that appears to be posted by a federal company. Ehresmann explained that those are phony and advised homeowners to go directly to state and federal websites to discover precise information on COVID standards.
Due to the fact that of the big number of cases, mdh hasnt been going back to examine and see the long-term impacts of COVID with patients who have recuperated. Ehresmann noted that Minnesotans will likely be asked to participate in research studies about progressing after having COVID-19. Currently, its still prematurely to be able to figure out long-lasting concerns since the virus is still so brand-new.

MDH: 622 new COVID-19 cases, 2 new deaths

The biggest news from Mondays call was when Malcolm and Ehresmann talked about working with their federal coworkers in battling the virus. They kept in mind that federal authorities have stated Minnesota, since of the rising infection rate and hospitalizations, should be looking at closing things down again or calling back. Ehresmann pointed out that those are phony and urged locals to go straight to state and federal websites to find accurate information on COVID standards.
Ehresmann kept in mind that Minnesotans will very likely be asked to get involved in research studies about moving forward after having COVID-19.