40 Utahns sickened by salmonella in new outbreak, CDC says –

SALT LAKE CITY– The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is encouraging Americans to expect signs of salmonella as a brand-new outbreak grows quickly without a plainly recognized source.
The break out has sickened 40 Utahns up until now and 212 individuals total, the CDC states, though more cases may be yet unreported.
” This outbreak is growing rapidly in size,” the CDC composed on its website. “A particular food product, grocery store, or restaurant chain has not been determined as the source of infections.”
The CDC “is not advising that consumers prevent any specific food at this time.”
Symptoms of salmonella consist of stomach, diarrhea and fever cramps.
Signs generally develop 6 hours to 6 days after exposure to the germs, the CDC states. The illness generally lasts from four to seven days, and many recuperate without treatment. 31 people across the country have been hospitalized in connection with the present salmonella outbreak.
It has impacted at least 23 states.
The CDC advises people who have a salmonella infection:

Talk to their health care provider.
Document the foods they ate the week before they got sick.
Let the health department learn about the illness.
Answer concerns from public health detectives. This might help them find the break out source and keep others from getting sick, too.

To prevent salmonella infection, the CDC advises consumers:

Clean: Frequently clean hands and surfaces. Before peeling, cutting or consuming veggies and fruits, make sure to clean them.

Separate: Keep foods you will not be cooking, like fresh fruit, veggies and greens, away from raw meat, poultry and seafood

Prepare: Make sure foods you cook reach a temperature level that is hot enough to kill the germs.

Chill: Most perishable foods need to be cooled within 2 hours; if its 90 degrees or warmer outside, it should be refrigerated within 1 hour.


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