If we continue along this path ‘It won’t be safe for kids to go to school in the fall,’ local doctor says of coronavirus spread in Ohio – WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland

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Cases have actually increased by more than 10,000 considering that July 2 in Ohio, according to ODH.

” What I didnt expect … is that individuals returned to completely typical life. People were no longer providing you space at the supermarket. People were no longer trying to limit birthday celebrations.”

Level 3 (Red): County has actually triggered 4 or 5 indications. There is really high exposure and spread.

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW)– FOX 8 got some insight from a Northeast Ohio transmittable disease specialist about why we should all be worried about the uptick in coronavirus cases.

The result she states is what were seeing now in the general public Health Alert Advisory System that has 12 counties at a red Level 3.

Level 2 (Orange): County has actually activated two or 3 indicators. There is increased danger of exposure and spread.

Level 4 (Purple): County has actually triggered six or 7 indications. There is serious exposure and spread.

Coronavirus in Ohio timeline: Tracking COVID-19 and the states action
However she says that isnt what theyre seeing.

Real-time updates on the general public Health Alert Advisory System.
That indicates the health care system is already seeing tension.

Levels of Public Health Advisory Alert System:.

” Its not just a boost in cases. Its a very disturbing pattern.”
Dr. Amy Edwards, Infectious Disease Specialist, UH Rainbow Babies & & Childrens Hospital
When the economy reopened at the end of May, Dr. Edwards stated they did anticipate some boost in cases.

The Ohio Department of Health reports 69,311 total coronavirus cases since the most current information offered Wednesday afternoon.

Level 1 (Yellow): County has actually activated no or one of the signs. There is active direct exposure and spread.

New cases per capita.
Sustained boost in new cases.
Proportion of cases that are not in congregate settings.
Sustained boost in COVID-19-related emergency space visits.
Sustained increase in COVID-19-related outpatient sees consisting of telehealth.
Sustained boost in COVID-19 hospital admissions.
Intensive care system tenancy.

” Its not simply a boost in cases, its a really disturbing pattern,” Dr. Edwards stated Thursday early morning.

Dr. Amy Edwards is an Infectious Disease Specialist at UH Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital.

Ohio Public Health Advisory Alert System indications:.

4 of the red Level 3 counties remain in Northeast Ohio.

” Deaths lag behind cases, so first you get a rise in cases, then you get a surge in hospitalizations, and after that you get a rise in deaths.”.

” It wont be safe for kids to go to school in the fall. “.

Gov. DeWine states Ohio remains in danger, however issues no mandates to change course.
” Its time to mandate masks for the whole state. Just do it.”.

Gov. Mike DeWine will update the alert levels Thursday afternoon.

She stated if we continue down this path, kids will not have the ability to safely attend school.

Cuyahoga County has been on the edge of a Level 4.

These are the five standards for resuming Ohio schools during coronavirus pandemic.
” If were increasing, up, up, up, and 4 weeks from now its even worse than it is now, than no,” Dr. Edwards said.

” Its time for a mask mandate for the whole state. Just do it.”.
Dr. Amy Edwards, Infectious Disease Specialist, UH Rainbow Babies & & Childrens Hospital.
The area is already seeing an increase in hospital admissions, ER check outs, and outpatient visits.

Thats one of many reasons she wanted Gov. DeWine had pressed for a statewide mask mandate in his address Wednesday night.

Cuyahoga County profile Public Health Advisory Alert System.
Dr. Edwards had a grim outlook on what may happen next.

How effective are masks?

She says new research shows in neighborhoods where mask usage is widespread, coronavirus spread falls to no.

That will be key, she states, in getting kids back to school.

A closer appearance: Mask required for Ohio counties with high threat of coronavirus.
” If you use a mask and you have coronavirus, your chances of spreading it to another individual are extremely very low.”.

” If everyone is using their mask and social distancing and lessening contact with other individuals, then it will be safe for kids to go to school in the fall.”.

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